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Rick Alegria - Drums
A native of San Jose, California, Rick studied music at San Jose State University and is a graduate of the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. He has performed and recorded with Bo Diddley, Maria Muldaur, Asleep At The Wheel, Commander Cody, Queen Ida, jazz-fusion group Real Time, Joan Osborn, Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello, Michael McDonald, Amy Holland, Jon McLaughlin, American Idols, Constantine Maroulis, and more.
Terry Allen - Guitar + Bass
Terry has over 40 years’ experience playing many styles of music, with a focus on Rock, Blues and Classical. His virtuosic approach to the guitar is based on classical piano technique: according to Terry, “It’s all in the fingers.” He also stresses music theory, improvisation, and practice methods.

Not only does Terry teach the specific styles of rock guitar heroes like Hendrix, Page, and Clapton; he helps his students develop the ability to work out songs on their own.
Tim Allen - Bass + Uke
Tim is a graduate of the Musicians' Institute in Los Angeles and has been recording and performing professionally all his life. He has worked with many different bands and artists, including David Martin’s House Party, Lara Price, The Urban Outlaws, David Landon, RB3, Pam Hawkins, Wanted, and more.

Tim teaches rock, metal, funk, slap, R & B, jazz, blues, country, pop, modern rock, and thrash bass styles. He is the director and one of the instructors of our Band Showcase program.
Peter Block - Guitar, Flute, Sax
Peter has taught for over twenty years, and many of his students have achieved top positions in honor bands and orchestras. Peter has performed and recorded with The Helios Ensemble and Gypsy Jazz, and guitarist Pat Martino with percussionist Zakir Hussain. Peter teaches classical and jazz styles, emphasizing fundamentals, technique, performance, tone production, theory, ear-training, and improvisation.
Jim Bruno - Vocals
Founder of SMI, Jim is an experienced vocal instructor, music innovator, performer, and creator of children's programs. Jim's knowledge in the areas of holistic medicine greatly influences his teaching.

Jim teaches rock, jazz, blues, pop, world beat, R&B, and funk styles with emphasis on ear training, recording techniques, emotional delivery and live stage performance.
Jeremy Epp - Guitar
Jeremy is a well known guitarist in the Nor-Cal metal scene. He has spent most of his life studying and playing guitar driven by classic rock, heavy metal, and modern rock. Jeremy teaches all ages and levels, and is well versed in ear training, technique, improvisation, and utilizing abstract scale patterns.

Whether they aim to learn their favorite song or need help building a guitar solo from scratch, students of all ages can benefit from Jeremy’s hands-on, fun teaching approach.
John Epp - Guitar + Bass
A popular guitar teacher in the South Bay, John has been teaching all ages and levels since 1980. John excels at teaching rock, pop, jazz, classical, country, R&B, funk, ethnic, flat pick and finger style.

John really cares that his students learn proper skills and have fun! He is happy to transcribe CDs and MP3 into notation or tabs for learning. For guitar influences and other info, check out his website: johneppmusic.com. John teaches three lessons a month and workshops.
Russ Pettit - Guitar, Uke
Rick Silvestri - Guitar, Bass, Uke
With over twenty years’ worth of teaching experience, Rick teaches all levels of guitar, upright and electric bass, and ukulele, specializing in jazz, blues, rock, and classical. He has performed with several jazz, rock, and blues bands as well as in local orchestras.

Rick also has extensive experience with Propellerhead’s Reason, Record, and ReCycle programs. He has performed live DJ sets with Ableton Live, and is eager to share his knowledge of recording programs with his students.
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