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The SMI facilities are temporarily closed due to California's Shelter In Place order, so monthly workshops are cancelled until further notice. However, most of our teachers are doing remote lessons, so feel free to contact your instructor to find out how to continue your lessons online!

Heavy Metal with Jeremy Epp

First Tuesday of the month, 7-8 pm

This workshop focuses on the techniques and styles of popular artists in the hard rock and heavy metal genres.

In this one hour session, students will dissect and learn specific riffs and solos from popular songs and artists, and we'll also discuss the theory and mindset behind the creation. Finally, students will learn how to apply these techniques to their own playing.

Players of all ages and levels are welcome, and tabs of the lesson will be provided! All you need to bring is your guitar and your passion for all things Heavy Metal.

Finger Style Solo Guitar with John Epp

Second Monday of the month, 5-5:45 pm

This workshop explores making wonderful music with your guitar! Melody supported with chords, bass lines and improvisation all played by you. You should have a basic understanding of bar chords and reading notation or TAB. Finger picking drills, patterns and exercises are covered. Solo guitar with a guitar pick is fun too. Learn how to make your favorite song come alive on you guitar. Also tips on how to be creative.

Improvisation with John Epp

Second Monday of the month, 6-7 pm

Developing your solo chops should be more about feel, taste and style rather than just playing faster. Speed is great! It is even necessary! Nothing is better than staying in control of your playing and being creative on the fly. Let's work on this! We will be practicing with two backing formats: Twelve bar blues and single note. Distinguishing differences in blues, rock, and jazz style solos will sharpen your ear and free up your creative productivity.

Jazz Workshop with John Epp

Second Monday of the month, 7:15-8:30 pm

This workshop is geared toward guitar and bass students! Popular jazz standards will be rehearsed, and there will be easy parts to play and lots of help during this workshop. If you want to just watch and listen and ask questions, that’s fine, but bring your guitar anyway so you can try the stuff out while you're there. Jazz has a huge array of styles and is associated with music that is harmonically more complex than basic folk, rock, or pop music. Learning about new tonalities and putting them to work to enhance your music is important, and learning new chords will help train your ear and inspire new ideas for your own music. For more resources, check out my website!

Classical Pop with Rick Silvestri

Second Tuesday of the month, 6-7 pm

Student Drop-In with Jim Bruno

Fourth Monday of the month, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Advanced Jam with Tim, Rick, and Russ

Fourth Tuesday of the month, 7-9 pm

This is an advanced workshop, so students who sign up must know all major, minor, and seventh chords fluently, should be able to play major and pentatonic scales, and should also have an understanding of how to improvise. All instruments are welcome, and all levels are encouraged to come, jam, and learn.

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